Our highly trained and experienced barbers begin with a thorough consultation before your haircut starts. We do it to have a clear image of the style you are looking for and that you are satisfied with provided services. Following your haircut and blow-dry, the barber will style your hair and teach you how to achieve the results at home using CENTRAL provided range of products that are available for purchase.

Buzz trim

This service will give you a choice of a buzz cut (single grade all over) or a classic short back and sides. Our trained barbers will use professional quality clippers to achieve a buzz cut or just trim the back and sides. This will not include scissor work.

Head shave

At the very beginning, your scalp is prepared and protected with a pre-shave ritual. This is followed by the application of our signature products for deeply moisturizing and antiseptic clove to help prevent razor burn and leave your scalp fresh and hair-free. Your head shave is completed by your barber applying post-shave balm, followed by a cold towel to tighten pores and lock in moisture to the scalp.

Boy Cut (5-12 y.o.)

CENTRAL specializes in Boys Haircuts. If you're looking for a cool haircut for a young gentleman, bring your young man for an unforgettable adult luxury experience.


Of course, any haircut in our salon begins with hair wash, but there are times when a haircut is not needed, but you need to freshen up before an important meeting. This service is perfect for such cases! We will wash your hair and make styling which is suitable for the upcoming event.


Beard trim (razor)

One of a kind luxury beard shaping service – the full shaping & shave combines the relaxing elements of a luxury wet shave and the precision of a CENTRALL beard trim. A must for gentlemen with serious beard dedication.

Hot Shave

We use special pre-shave oils and hot towels to prepare the skin for a close shave using a straight razor followed by the application of after shave moisturizer and even more relaxing hot towels. Cold towels are also used to tighten pores and lock in moisture.

Beard trim

All of our beard trims coming with the hot towel wet shaving or dry foil shaver on the request. Shaver is an old school electric device used by men for everyday dry shave, no foam, gel or water needed before using. Removes stubble as good as razor. Foil is usually made of silver which reduces the chance of getting irritation, red skin or micro cuts.

2 in 1

Haircut and Beard trim

Every haircut at CENTRAL starts with an in-depth consultation to understand your individual style and requirements. Whatever your preference, a traditional or modern look, either with a soft or sharp finish. Beard experience starts with a hot towel to prepare the beard before it is trimmed using a straight edge razor. Once the cut is complete, a cold towel is used to close your pores and keep the face hydrated.

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